In 2 recent surveys
Patients and HCPs alike reported a negative quality of life (QoL) impact of constipation1,2

Patient profiles are hypothetical and stories are for illustrative purposes only.

“I can’t tell my boss that I’m late for work again because of constipation. All the walking and getting more water and more high-fiber food—it’s not working.”

Constipation can cause employment issues.2 Start your patients on triple-action MiraLAX® sooner

In a survey of 557 patients in the Knowledge Networks Panel who reported chronic constipation2
~70% of people had difficulty working, and at least 1 in 10 missed work or school completely due to constipation2

In a recent survey of 300 gastroenterologists1,a

Nearly two-thirds of GIs said

These mechanisms of action are the most important for OTC treatment of OC:

  • Colon hydration
  • Softening and increasing of stool volume
  • Peristalsis that avoids urgency and cramping

and that MiraLAX® provides these more effectively than other OTC treatments

  • Nearly 8 in 10 said effectively treating OC with their first recommendation is a top consideration when choosing an over-the-counter OC treatmentc
  • 90% said MiraLAX® is their most trusted OTC laxative and the one that provides the best balance of efficacy and tolerabilityd

aBased on a survey that asked 300 gastroenterologists to rate the important factors in choosing an OTC medication for adults with OC and how well MiraLAX® met those needs. HCPs selected from a set of options, based on their clinical experience. Survey details and data are available upon request.

b75% of GIs rated the degree of negative impact ≥5 on a scale of 1-7.

c79% of GIs rated the strength of their belief in the importance of this consideration ≥5 on a scale of 1-7.

dGIs rated the strength of their agreement with these statements ≥5 on a scale of 1-7.


Start MiraLAX® sooner, because:

  • MiraLAX® binds and retains water in the colon through formation of hydrogen bonds3
  • MiraLAX® molecules incorporate water into the stool, softening and increasing volume4
  • MiraLAX® promotes gentle peristalsis5 without harsh side effects (like those caused by colonic nerve stimulation or metabolization by bacteria)4-7


Start your patients like Carrie on MiraLAX® sooner:
Its triple action hydrates, softens, and promotes gentle peristalsis3-5


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