Why MiraLAX®?

Relief from occasional constipation — with peace of mind from start to finish.

You know when your system is thrown out of balance by constipation. When your digestive tract isn't running smoothly, it can throw off your whole day. Only MiraLAX® is clinically proven to relieve occasional constipation without causing harsh side effects*. Yes, you really can love your laxative.

Why MiraLAX® is The One.

  • Relieves occasional constipation and softens stool
  • MiraLAX® does not cause gas, bloating and cramping
  • MiraLAX® provides gentle predictable relief without causing sudden urgency
  • The #1 recommended laxative by doctors, pharmacists**, and gastroenterologists

MiraLAX® powder dissolves easily in water and other liquids, with no taste or grit. And MiraLAX® is available without a prescription.

That's why MiraLAX® is the one.

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Watch our latest commercial. See why MiraLAX® is different.

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Find out how MiraLAX® works naturally with your body for gentle, predictable relief.

*Such as gas, bloating, cramping and urgency

** Pharmacy Times Survey 2015

Use as directed for occasional constipation.